Monday, 8 October 2012

Spa Saturday with Aussie!

Hello my lovelies,

So last Saturday I was invited by Stephie to accompany her to the Aussie Angels pamper day at the Chancery Court Hotel spa - sounds blissful, right? It WAS.

It was terrific - we all commented on how we felt relaxed as soon as we walked through the doors to be engulfed by the sweet smell of essential oils and candles.
The lovely Aussie girls whisked us through to a delightful relaxation room, with the comfiest beds I've ever laid upon, as well as masses of fruit and glossy magazines to read. We were all given snuggly Aussie dressing gown and slippers to lounge around in - I loved mine so much I was tempted to wear it on the train home! Stephie took a photograph of me looking very pleased with myself:

Shortly after this I was whisked off for my very first massage...this needs to become a regular occurrence, methinks! After 30 minutes of having all my aches kneaded away, I stumbled out in a haze of relaxation and was promptly taken to have my hair done! I admit, I asked for the Kate Middleton 'do - I know everybody wants her hair, but let's be honest... it is fabulous hair. Here's how mine looked:

After yet more pampering, we were treated to a first glimpse of Aussie's new range (which I posted about a couple of days ago): the Miracle Shine collection! Suffice to say, they are my new favourite products and I shall be stocking up to take them on holiday!

Finally, after what was possibly the most blissfully relaxing afternoon we'd had in a long while, I headed home...and I must say I was so impressed that my hair held up even after a ride on the Central line!

Apologies for the quality of the photos - I ended up using my phone as my camera decided it did not get on with the light in the spa! It was a terrific way to spend the afternoon, especially after the stressful horror that was moving house, and I am so grateful to Aussie and to everyone at the spa who made it such a pleasant experience - would recommend all of them in a heartbeat!



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